End of Financial Year savings

The End of Financial Year is a great time to find IT bargains.

I don’t need to tell you the last couple of years have been ‘interesting’. Everyone has had their ‘challenges’, particularly for retail businesses. And IT has not been an exception.

Which is great if you are needing IT equipment as vendors need to clear their old unsold stock and corporates unload their surplus equipment before June 30th, which can see some great savings.

This year might be a little different as supply chain issues have caused shortages of some items. At the start of the lock-downs, webcams were almost unobtainable as everyone needed to Zoom from home. Currently graphics cards are out of stock worldwide.

However there are still plenty of other items available. Let me know your needs and I can hunt down the best deal for you.

Need help? Let me take care of your IT issues.

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