Is your website secure?

Google will soon start marking all HTTP pages as “not secure”

If your website is not using SSL, from October 2018 visitors to your website will start to see a red ‘not secure’ triangle and Google will derank your website in searches.

Evolving Chrome’s security indicators

HTTPS as a ranking signal


Many small business and individuals haven’t yet migrated to SSL (aka ‘secure protocols’ or HTTPS) either because they are unaware of this or put off by the cost. Which is not surprising as often Australian hosting providers are charging up to $100/year for each domain for SSL.


Why is this important?

When you visit a website with a http:// URL all of the information between you and the website is sent as clear text, which anyone on the same network can eavesdrop on.

But if the website is using SSL (the URL will start with https://), all of the data will be sent encrypted, which is just gibberish to anyone listening in. This is particularly important for things like passwords and credit card details.


What if your website doesn’t have passwords or take payments?

Google will soon start marking websites not using SSL as ‘not secure’ with a red triangle. That is not going to be a good look and your customers will go elsewhere. People will be looking for the green padlock that comes with a SSL secure website.

If you want a good page ranking within Google search, you will need three things (at least):

  • A mobile friendly, responsive website
  • A fast website, with optimized graphics
  • A secure (HTTPS) website


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