Don’t let the botnet eat your website

WordPress is an extremely popular choice for building websites with a market share of about 30% of the entire internet and up to 60% of CMS sites.

This is for good reason – WordPress is easy to use and reliable, with a huge range of add-ons built by third-party developers. However this popularity has a downside as it makes it a very attractive target for attackers.

Currently there is a botnet trying to brute force its way into vulnerable websites to infect them with malware and recruit them to the botnet.

I see many small businesses with websites that are vulnerable as they have not implemented strong security or have been updated. This is not surprising – if you are running a busy business who has time to worry about website security?

Well you should worry. Just as you would not let vandals leave obscene messages on your shop window, your website is your public face to the online world. Customers who have their computer infected with malware from visiting your website are unlikely to return. You can be personally responsible for botnet generated spam sent from your website.

Business owners do not need this hassle.

My Managed WordPress Hosting uses the Amazon Web Services cloud with the latest WordPress security and management tools to ensure a stable and secure environment for your website.

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