Windows 7 support will end on January 14, 2020

Microsoft will cease support for Windows 7 on January 14th next year. If your machine is still running Windows 7 after that it will no longer receive security updates making it vulnerable to attack from malware.

Windows 7 was first released on 22nd October 2009 and was replaced by Windows 8 on 25th October 2012. Any machine still running Windows 7 is well passed its peak performance.

My general rule on replacing a device is that if it is still doing what you require of it, then keep using it. Once it can’t meet that, then it is time to replace it. For computers this is generally between three and six years. A machine still running Windows 7 would be at least six years old and would need to be replaced.

Why you should replace an old computer

An old computer can become like an old friend and you get to know its quirks. You know just how to wiggle the dodgy cable to make the USB connect or how hard to press the power button to make it turn on.

Struggling with an old computer is not time well spent. Here are some reasons why a new one could be a good investment.

You can’t run the latest applications and games

Running the latest software is often necessary to be able to share things with other people. If anyone has ever sent you something that you could not open then you will know this issue. And it’s not much fun if everyone else is playing the latest game but you can’t because your computer is not compatible.

Software is being updated all the time, either to add new features or fix security issues. Old computers often can not run these.

It is slow

Nothing seems as slow as an old computer. Everything it does seems to happen in slow motion. If you need to go make a cup of coffee while it boots, or you can type a complete sentence before a word appears, then it is time to give it a rest and retire it.

You can’t connect things to it

New gadgets are coming out all the time. New monitors, cameras, camcorders, phones – often with new connectors – which your computer does not have and software drivers it can’t run.

You’re running out of space

When you first got the computer it felt like it had all the space in the world, but now with all of the family photos and videos it’s bursting at the seems. And those new applications are taking more space all the time.

New computers often have hundreds of times the space of old ones.

You can’t hear anything but the computer

Older computers were noisier than current models to start with, and over time all of the moving parts become louder as they wear, lose lubrication, and gather dust.

It becomes unreliable

You need a computer that ‘just works’ – old computers often are unreliable. If you find you are spending more time fixing it than working on it, it’s time for a new one.

Contact me if you need advice on getting a new computer and I will specify a machine and applications that will meet your exact requirements.

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